About us


I was born and raised in Basel. After finishing my formal education, I spent some time in the French part of Switzerland, London (UK) and Malaga (Spain) to improve my language skills.  I have extensive experience in sales and customer services and succeeded in achieving a business management diploma ifks. In 2001 I moved to the United Arab Emirates and I started working in a 5* hotel as a retail manager. I also lived in Tunisia for 2 years.

I have lived as an expat for more than 6 years. During that time me and my family relocated 3 times abroad. Both children were born during that time which makes a huge difference because relocating with children is again different and has to be organised very carefully.


I work with a network of professional colleagues who assist me if needed.

Hofer Personal Relocation GmbH, Biel-Benken, E-Mail: info@personal-relocation.ch
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